Jennifer Clare is the author of Stub Out The Habit - Quit Smoking Without Cravings Or Regrets, a book to help women quit smoking once and for all.

Part self-help book, part fictional chick lit, the book charts the progress of one woman as she tries with limited success to quit. Information starts to come her way, and with each exercise she lets go more and more, so that by the end of the book she's a happy non-smoker.

By following the same program, the reader can also disentangle her mind from the habit, making it easy to stub out the habit, once and for all.

Jennifer is a therapeutic coach, combining Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and Matrix therapies. Her knowledge of how the mind works (and a twenty-year smoking habit)  gives her insight into the mind of the smoker. The book is based on her experiences helping hundreds of smokers quit, easily and effortlessly.

The book is funny, challenging, thought-provoking - and it works.