Studio 8 HK operates as a boutique publishing house for art photography related books, was founded by Norm Yip, photographer and author of The Asian Male series of books. Studio 8 HK will continue publishing along the line of creating online magazine publications.

The company also specialises in bespoke projects including books, logos/identity, branding, specialised business cards and websites. Projects we have worked on include Arena Swimwear where we photographed and published their 2013 catalogue, new luxury brand Gienne Skincare & Wellness’ where we designed their iconic logo, created their brand look and packaging design for their initial stage products.

We also worked with Red Card Limited, a company that produces custom clothing tags, buttons and clothing accessories. They asked us to design their company logo, photograph their product line and design their website.

Most recently, Studio 8 HK worked with Pionier, a Hong Kong laundry service company for hospitals in creating their logo/brand identity and Business Style Guide.