Studio Bleep is an innovative game studio, located in Groningen (the Netherlands), that specializes in serious games, educational games, game design and game art. Studio Bleep is founded by 2 ladies (Rieneke and Merel) in 2013, in its short life Studio Bleep already won several awards.

It is our passion to create fun and original innovative games. Important aspects that we want to process in our work are: challenges, interaction, a good story and atmosphere.

“Tell your story through games” is our motto; making fun games, that have something new to offer. Games as the means to get your message across. Whether this message is a children’s story to teach emotions or a horror game with cold sweat running down your spine.

Also the cooperation of gaming and technology have our focus. Our last game (the award winning “Kweekvijver”) is specifically designed to be played in the swimming pool. To help children get over their fear of water, to support the swimming lessons or just as a fun swimming game. The technology we use for this will be rebuilt to become a whole new gaming console for the swimming pool.

A project we are working on now is StoryWall. StoryWall is an Augmented Reality game combined with children’s wallpaper to create an engaging storytelling experience for children.

We are convinced learning should be fun and gaming can, if used in the right way, be even more effective than traditional teaching and training methods. Cooperation between education and entertainment is crucial. So finding a balance between education and entertainment, without losing sight of either one of them. The current reputation of educational games in quiz form, should be eliminated. And that’s what we hope to play an important role in.