Studycat have been creating language learning apps for kids since 2011. Our apps are designed to provide beginning language learners with an ever-increasing variety of games to ignite their natural language abilities. Players test their dexterity while learning all the building blocks of language. We believe that fun and humor are essential elements of language education.

Our language learning apps are available on iOS and Android devices.

We are the team behind Fun English (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id428920239), which has been a great success across the world.

Significant achievements for Fun English:
    •     Approaching 4 million users worldwide
    •     Top 5 Ranked Education app for iPad in 108 countries
    •     Highest Grossing iPad Education App in 81 countries

Our Apps
    •     ABC Galaxy: http://studycat.net/apps/abc-galaxy
    •     Fun English: http://studycat.net/apps/fun-english
    •     Fun English Stories: http://studycat.net/apps/fun-english-stories
    •     Fun Chinese: http://studycat.net/apps/fun-chinese
    •     Fun French: http://studycat.net/apps/fun-french
    •     Fun German: http://studycat.net/apps/fun-german
    •     Fun Spanish: http://studycat.net/apps/fun-spanish