Free accommodation is the only way to enable students to enjoy a better student life and increase their chances of success.
The idea behind StudyEnjoy is simple: the list of available housing is accessible to all. But to join the community, and contact other members, you must first offer a vacant room. Once the registration is complete, users can contact each other and exchange their housing.

Students have no rent to pay. A student from Bath looking for accommodation in Paris, will be housed for free for the duration of his/her studies in Paris. In return, his/her room or apartment in Bath will house another member for the same duration. Each of them can then share their experience on the site with other users.

The StudyEnjoy team is very attentive to the quality and safety of the service: every new member is validated manually after their identity and address have been checked.
Also, to ensure a good experience for all (guest and host), StudyEnjoy will facilitate the contribution towards expenses incurred by guests during their stay.

Depending on arrangement between families, students will pay between £3 and £10 per day to contribute towards household expenses (meals, electricity, water, heating, etc.)

- StudyEnjoy will charge an administration fee of only £0.79 per day of exchange, i.e. £24,49 per month.

Joining StudyEnjoy also means students have to respect the community’s values ​​and principles enshrined in the Charter of good conduct.