StudyGroupIt.com (SGI) is the first educational-social-networking site fully dedicated to assisting learners with achieving their academic potential through the proven successful use of study group sessions.

We envision learners using social-networking and current collaborative learning tools to create educational relationships. Our goal is to make it easier for students to meet “like-minded” learners (locally or around the world); and accomplish their educational goals through live-local or online study group sessions.

We also want professors to utilize our SGI platform and create small team based learning curriculum that changes the dynamics of traditional learning, both inside and outside of the classroom; helping to improve student academic learning experiences and overall performance.

Billions of people worldwide connect with their family, friends and professional colleagues through social networking sites like Facebook & LinkedIn. Why not LEARNERS?


Our mission is to help learners manage their educational experiences by offering tools that enable collaborative learning, knowledge sharing and relationship building to foster a lifetime of learning. We strongly believe that true study-grouping requires learners meet with each other, work together, share ideas and teach one-another in a truly meaningful way. We want to provide tools, beyond instant messaging or note sharing, because these services alone do not result in true collaborative-learning.