Studypad is the publisher of Splash Math apps series that are common-core aligned interactive math workbooks for Grades 1-5. Downloaded more than a million times, Splash Math apps are used by parents for home schooling and additional math practice; and by more than 6,000 schools and 10,000 teachers in their classroom's iPad programs.

Vision Statement
StudyPad’s vision is to make learning fun for the kids while leveraging technology to build an ecosystem where teachers, students and parents seamlessly interact.

Replacing Paper Worksheets with Fun Games
Are you fed up of buying, setting up and evaluating separate worksheets for your kids? StudyPad offers the most comprehensive curriculum based workbook for your kids. We make math homework fun with lots of games rewarding the kid for points earned while doing the worksheets.

Gearing iPads for the Classroom
With iPads entering the classroom, the way kids learn at school is evolving. We, at StudyPad, are developing apps to aid the learning process in the classroom. The content developed for our apps follow Common-Core Curriculum standard allowing teachers and parents to always be in sync easily with what is taught in class.