Study Scavenger Is A Free Smartphone Application For Potential Research Subjects To Find Clinical Research Studies That Meet Their Personal Health Needs. Download Study Scavenger App from iTunes and Google Play.

Study Scavenger is the only FREE app of its kind.

Study Scavenger's goal is to enable on-the-go access to clinical trials for anyone who wants to be involved.

Study Scavenger allows the user to search when it's convenient for them -regardless of where they are.

Study Scavenger offers secure, free-of charge and up-to-date notification services for clinical trials while maintaining the user's privacy.

Study Scavenger allows the user to choose either English or Spanish as their preferred language.

Study Scavenger has partnered with CenterWatch, the leading trusted source for global clinical trial information, to give patients even more study choices and to give trials even more exposure to the patient community.