Style by Asia is a web community based in Hong Kong, gathering individual bloggers who all are connected to the "style space" in one way or another; be it fashion, design (interior and industrial), architecture, photography, graphic design and all kinds of art - basically anything visual which serves as an inspiration to people! 
Style by Asia also wish to share more informational content, such as articles and interviews with people and businesses in said areas, to educate and inform the readers. In addition, the events calendar on the site showcases the different cultural events happening around town so that no one can ever again complain that "there is no culture in HK..” Through the broad network of talented bloggers and contributors Style by Asia keeps an ear close to the ground and stay up to date of the diverse creative scene in Hong Kong. Style by Asia has one simple mission: to serve as a one-stop shop for inspiration, insights and trends to people in Hong Kong as well as abroad!