Styled Themes offers Premium WordPress Themes that can be used by intuitively by beginners or experienced website developers. The themes that we provide helps the developers to create enchanting webpages along with ease in creation and focus on website content projection.

We also provide free themes through wordpress.org and premium themes through our site. We generally provide support for free themes within 1-3 business days and for the premium themes, we provide them through 24 business hours except for the vacation times.

For the premium themes, we offer individual theme membership and premium theme memberships for 6 month time and annual subscription. During the subscription time, you will be able to receive support and update of the themes. However, even if your subscription ends, you will retain the authority to keep using the latest version of the theme that you acquired before end of subscripton on your site.

Here are a list of our Premium WordPress Themes till date:
- Styled Mag Pro
- Stylistic Pro
- Scripted Pro
- Sleeky Pro
- Flat Responsive Pro
- Circumference Pro
- Encase Pro
- Lavish Pro
- Pure & Simple Pro
- Preferential Pro
- Luminescence Pro
- Encounters Pro
- Celestial Reloaded Pro

As we are continually working to include the in-demand features in existing themes and to release new themes according to the current market needs, please be sure to check for the additional themes in our official website: www.styledthemes.com