Sub Sahara Entertainment Limited

Company Profile

The African music industry is a beast that intermittently churns out hit after hit while devouring anyone seeking to tame it. Hostile to regulation and partial to pirate trade; the only thing one can be sure of is that it is a million dollar industry.

Sub Sahara Entertainment is the brainchild of composer/musician turned producer, Suzanne Gachukia. Set up to meet the creative and distribution needs of artistes and producers in a much-fragmented East African market, Sub Sahara has also broken barriers to launch Kenyan artistes to the rest of Africa.

Sub Sahara’s vision is to be the trusted and efficient producer and distributor in the East African region. Our goal is simply to keep artistes and independent producers in business. This means making sure that
•     Music gets into the hands of the customer, and
•     The flow of revenue streams from music sales gets back to the creators of the music.
To us, this means business unusual. Sub Sahara is looking at pricing structures, packaging options, outlet options, everything that affects how the customer accesses the music they love.

We believe this is what makes Sub Sahara the ideal strategic partner in East Africa.