Success in plain sight (SIPS) is your one stop shop for all you marketing educationally needs. So if you are a struggling Network Marketer or someone who’s looking to start in the home base business industry then SIPS is all you need. Cameron Fields who is the founder and expert marketer knows all to well how it feels to be a struggling Network Marketer. Mr. Fields has over 12 + years in this industry and seen it and done it all.” I remember when I first found out that you can make money from home, I really didn’t believe it until I saw my 1st commission check” says Cameron Fields.

Cameron also continues telling his story on how being a Network Marketer with no true marketing knowledge is suicide. So many leaders that are in this home base business industry teach the old traditional way of marketing, and does it work? Of course Mr. Fields reply’s…I’m living proof, but can it be duplicated? No way!!!

So being that Mr. Fields has experienced being a struggling Network Marketer, he states that his mission now is to educate Network Marketers on how to truly put their business on autopilot. Now this is why Traffic Rules was created, which is Cameron Fields latest project in 2014, which you can get more information on his Success In Plain Sight platform. Traffic Rules is full of value. In the training Mr. Fields teaches his 5 powerful rules to help the newbie all the way to the seasoned Network Marketer on how to build their business by attracting qualified traffic. I truly have a heart for teaching and a passion to see others succeed, Mr. Fields replies.