Successwork hypnosis is the business of Jeff Sauber, an Ericksonian hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner who works in New York, He helps clients with all kinds of personal and behavioural issues, including stress management, body image, weight loss, smoking and confidence. He feels that nearly any goal can be achieved more happily, successfully and permanently with the use of hypnosis & NLP. Before entering the personal development field, he spent nearly 20 years in the Advertising industry, working at some of the biggest agencies as a Manager and as a Graphic Designer, where he had no shortage of job stress! He had also been a competitive athlete for many years, and has brought the experience gathered from these and other varied interests and experiences to benefit his clients.
He has written an excellent book on meditation, "Everybody's Meditation Book", which provides over 20 different ways for the novice and expert alike to get immediate benefit without the mysticism and esoterica. It also includes entertaining anecdotes, easy-to-understand explanations of mental functions, and an amazing chapter on stress management.