Influencer Launches Daily News Podcast

After Building a 20k+ Following on Instagram, Annie Bowles Moves into the World of Podcasting

[Oklahoma City, OK, May 9th 2020] Launching at the end of May, News Du Jour is a podcast hosted by Annie Bowles of Sugarfree Media. News du Jour will feature a 10-15 minute news summary on weekday mornings, punctuated by bonus episodes twice a month. Bonus episodes will include interviews, historical deep dives, and explorations of specific issues. Seeking to break through the “bickering” and “drama” of the current political climate, News Du Jour will create a calmer, clear, and inclusive space for women to follow the news. Founder Annie Bowles explains, “News Du Jour seeks to reach out to young women who may feel intimidated to dip their toe into politics as they remain underrepresented.”

Annie Bowles attended American University in Washington D.C. to study politics and art history. Following in her parents’ footsteps - they met working for Oklahoma Congressman Mike Synar - she interned twice on Capitol Hill, once in The House of Representatives and once in the Senate. Bowles then founded Sugarfree Media in 2017 and has since grown a 20,000-person audience with followers all over the United States. Her publication caters to the “modern woman” and all her varied interests – high fashion, good grooming, and keeping up with the world around her. Bowles has been invited to cover events like New York Fashion Week, The United Nations 75th General Assembly, and regular press briefings in the Oklahoma State Capitol. She has worked with brands like Bose, Lindt, Revlon, Dermalogica, Bumble, EOS, just to name a few.

The podcast will be available starting May 28, 2020 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all other major podcast providers. Trailer out now on all platforms.

Link to Podcast Trailer: https://anchor.fm/annie-bowles

Website: www.sugarfreemedia.co

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sugarfreemedia.co