SUGARMAN AUCTION CORP. specializes in appraisals, liquidations and sale by auction of any inventory.

SUGARMAN AUCTION CORP. has offices in South Florida and recently acquired a satellite office in Johannesburg, South Africa, with a view of expansion into that region. The Company is presently considering opening offices in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and Seal Beach, California.

The Auction Story

1. Auctions are recognized as an important and integral part of modern business solutions

2. Alert businessmen should be fully aware of SUGARMAN AUCTION CORP. as an answer to many of your business needs.

3. Auctions are designed to bring your company immediate cash to meet your needs.

4. Auctions benefits are many. Let us tell you personally how your business can benefit from our full service company. We will meet you at your convenience and protect your onfidentiality.

Scott Grasso joined J. SUGARMAN AUCTION CORP. after 10 years at General Liquidation Services Inc., of which he was the founder and Chairman. He had developed G.L.S. Inc. into a highly successful operation and it became one of the most well recognized liquidation and auction companies in South Florida.Scott brings a wide range of talents and experience to Jay  SUGARMAN AUCTION CORP.

His expertise as a buyer of rare, unfamiliar and hard to find inventories compliments the company's capabilities. Scott's day to day duties include marketing, acquisitions and specialty marketing, i.e. the development of a large scale Internet auction department.