Suisse Gold Trust Ltd. assists Investors with a full range of physical precious metals holdings including Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bullion.

All precious metals are 999.9 fineness and have a recognized pedigree such as PAMP of Switzerland stamped on each Gold bar. PAMP is the world’s largest refiner and assayer of precious metals in the world. Each precious metals bar will include a serial number as well as the fineness of the precious metal. All precious metals can be held in an Authorized Bonded Depository or you can take physical delivery.

Our support staff of highly trained Precious Metal Advisors is always available to educate our clients and fulfill their precious metals needs.

We are a recognized leader in the precious metals arena and pride ourselves on our excellent service and personalized attention to our clients.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to trade precious metals with our specialized ‘DiversiTrade’ Managed Account Program.

The benefits of trading in our ’DiversiTrade’ Managed Program are numerous. In addition, we provide our DiversiTrade Man-aged Account clients with our weekly newsletter ‘Suisse Gold Global Report’. The Report is written by our Director of Re-search Mr. Douglas Lomma and our Director of Trading, Investment Strategist Mr. Peter Corrao. Mr. Lomma has been a featured guest on Bloomberg News and
CBS Market Watch. Their combined 50 plus years experience in the precious metals market has provided our clients with unprecedented insight, knowledge and analysis to protect our clients’ investment portfolio while at the same time capitalize on the profit potential.

Benefits of Trading in DiversiTrade
* The precious metals are Insured for full value whether stored, delivered or traded.
* The precious metals are stored in an Authorized Bonded Depository. Client receives    a Safe Keeping Receipt
* No Trading Fees
* No Margin Calls
* International Precious Metals Brand Name Recognition
* Unlimited Trading
* 999.9 Purity
* 100% Physical Ownership
* Limited Risk
* 100% Liquidity

In addition, Mr. Lomma and Mr. Corrao provide our clients with our weekly 'Suisse Gold Global Report'. The report provides a unique analysis and forecast of the precious metals market on a weekly basis.

Suisse Gold Trust Ltd. is a leader in the international precious metals market. We buy, sell and trade gold and silver in bars, kilos and metric tons. many of our clients are located in Europe as well as the Middle East.

Our spread (bid/ask) is one of the lowest in the industry and provides investors an effective buy/sell ratio to generate profits.

Our 'DiversiTrade' managed Account program is a leader in the industry. The opportunity to limit risks is amplified by our trading platform. When the market is in a profit taking position, we have already locked in profits and are in a stand aside position waiting for the strength movement to buy back in.

There is no other trading program that provides these unique features.