SUKU Vitamins, a new kind of consumer-packaged goods company, has formally announced the launch of their brand new line of premium, sugar-free gummy vitamins designed to suit different beauty, health and wellness goals. Unlike most gummy vitamins, SUKU’s gummies are free of harmful ingredients commonly found in gummies such as sugar, gelatin, allergens and GMOs.

While studying naturopathic medicine, SUKU Vitamins’ co-owner, Ju Young Yoo, recognized many patients were suffering from pill fatigue, a condition that develops over time due to people having trouble swallowing pills or due to the unpleasantness of having to take multiple pills per day. With this insight, he looked towards gummy vitamins as an alternative for these patients, however, options were limited as brands were mostly limited to multivitamins, which were filled with harmful ingredients such as sugar, gelatin, allergens, GMOs, and artificial colours and flavours. To address this gap, he co-founded SUKU Vitamins, which develops gummy vitamins free of these harmful ingredients.

“According to statistics, over 40% of American adults have difficulty swallowing pills,” said Ju Young Yoo, CEO of SUKU Vitamins. “While gummy vitamins may seem like an obvious alternative, they’re often unhealthy due to high sugar content or GMOs. We want to provide this 40% of the population with healthier choices and alternative options so they can feel good about their health and not have to make sacrifices by taking products that aren’t good for them.”

SUKU Vitamins includes vegan and vegetarian options, are plant-based (pectin), made with real fruit flavour, and are free of:

•     Sugar & sugar alcohols
•     GMOs
•     Gelatin
•     Artificial colours and flavours
•     Gluten
•     Dairy
•     Tree nut
•     Soy
•     Egg
•     Peanut

The initial seven SKUs include options designed to fit each person’s different beauty, health and wellness goals, including:

•     The Complete Adult Multi – a complete multivitamin plus added CoQ10 and fibre. Vegetarian.
•     Restful Sleep – an all-natural formulation designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Vegan.
•     Youthful Skin – a effective blend of hydrolyzed marine collagen and vitamins and minerals for a more youthful skin
•     Radiant Complexion – a unique blend including hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil to support a healthier looking skin. Vegan.
•     Adult Vitamin D – supports bone, muscle, and immune health. Vegetarian.
•     The Complete Kids Multi – a complete kids multivitamin plus added fibre. Vegetarian.
•     Kids Vitamin D – supports kids bone, muscle, and immune health. Vegetarian.

About SUKU Vitamins: SUKU’s mission is to bridge the gap between wellness and beauty by offering innovative vitamins and supplements that help all women and men worldwide look and feel their best. SUKU understands that wellness and beauty needs worldwide are infinitely diverse, therefore SUKU strives to continuously innovate and provide the best vitamins in terms of quality, efficacy, safety, and ease of use.