The name SumaVita means “life elevated”.  We are passionate about our lives, our families, and the endless activities the PNW has to offer.  We are constantly searching for cutting edge products and new breakthrough technologies that can help bring longevity, health, and wellness to our family and friends.  Every product we bring to market has a focus on helping people live life to their very best potential.

For us…natural remedies are always a better choice.  We want to be at the forefront of bringing quality and natural solutions to those who think the way we do about health, vitality, aging, longevity and living an active life.    

In our search for the very best of alternative health solutions, we searched far and wide to find the highest quality product to bring to market.  After nearly a year of searching for the right farm and manufacturing facility, we finally stumbled on to the ideal fit for us…and our customers.  

All of our CBD products are sourced exclusively right here in the USA.  Our farm and manufacturing facility is state of the art…and operates under the strictest and most stringent guidelines you can find in the CBD world.  Transparency and quality are crucial to us…especially knowing how difficult it can be to know what you’re buying in today’s marketplace.