ASMAP is a South Florida After School Martial Arts Training Program that combines physical training with continuing education!
Exercise for an agile brain!

Exercise makes your brain sharp. A healthy, fit brain means you can answer questions more quickly, think clearly, and have a better memory. Having a healthy brain is useful no matter what point you are at in life.
Self Discipline

There is no question as to whether mental self discipline and success are linked together in a symbiotic relationship. Self discipline is a key element of personal power, which can make the difference between being a victim of life and being the master of our lives.

One of the many benefits of becoming a regular reader is the ability to focus. When the mind is trained and channeled it begins to pay attention more thoroughly. For example, when you are faced with some of life’s difficult and challenging assignments, you will have the ability to stay calm and objectively look at the problem, circumstances, or required task. If you continue to read, you continue to stay focused.

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What can I expect for my child?

A light, healthy snack to provide energy for the afternoon.

Professionally designed 15 minute martial arts exercise routine that will stimulate both their bodies & minds.

Learning Structure & Self Discipline while taking responsibility for all of their homework assignments from their day at school.

Martial art training focusing on developing Self Discipline, Confidence, and Physical fitness.

At the end of the afternoon we encourage your child to read, a rewarding and critical life skill.

South Florida After School Program
Serving both Broward and Dade Counties

Child pickup included, 2pm-6pm