When you attend SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ online ACT Prep classes, you can expect teacher expertise in all ACT Test subject areas.

12 hours of teacher-led classes (6 sessions of 2 hours each) taught by two expert instructors.

You receive a deeper & richer level of Math subject examples and problems.

A comprehensive review of all the English rules in grammar and punctuation needed to get a perfect 36! Many students improve their English composite score 5 up to 10 points.

Important ACT PREP strategies help you complete the Reading and Science Sections, with improved focus, accuracy and comprehension.

SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ provides Science techniques to quickly find correct data enabling you to accurately analyze the charts and graphs.

Test strategies can make a difference! You will hear strategies in all subject areas and you will learn the various type-cast questions which sharpens your radar for the tricky questions and answers.

Our Online classes are always recorded in case you miss any.

Reward: You have a much better opportunity to get the difficult problems correct. A high ACT Test composite!

Students tell us they are more confident with an increased razor-sharp knowledge base they need to REACH FOR 36 ™