Were launching this amazing NEW product in time for 2010 Summer hols  its a lightweight, silky-soft kids T shirt made from bamboo fabric which protects the wearer from 98% of harmful UV rays. Its available exclusively from selected branches of Co-op Pharmacy stores and online at www.sunblox.co.uk

Tested and proven to protect...

Sun cream will always play its part, but it can no longer take the lead role in UV protection - especially where young children are concerned. In 2007 the EC banned the word sunblock from sun creams, to make It clear that there is no such thing as 100% sun protection from a bottle. Increasingly, consumers are becoming fearful of the suns harmful rays - and rightly so, there are now more skin cancer deaths in the UK than in Australia.

Sunblox stops over 98% UV radiation. In tests it achieves an UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+ and as such has been awarded EN 13758-1 certification from international testing authorities, Bureau Veritas and SGS.

The burning question: This European rating for fabrics specifies a UPF value, which can be thought of as a time factor for the protection of skin compared to exposure without protection. For example, if a person would show visible erythema (sunburn) after five minutes of exposure, fabric with a UPF of 50 extends that time to five minutes times the protection factor, i.e. 250 minutes, or roughly four hours. Sunblox scores the maximum achievable for this type of test.

A unique material with unique claims: Sunblox is made from 100% bamboo, a natural fibre with unique properties...

- Its antibacterial, Sunblox absorbs and evaporates moisture in a split second, keeping you dryer and more comfortable for longer.
- It also feels good - Sunblox material is lightweight, silky soft and anti-static, so it sits nicely against your skin.
- Plus its naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter - Sunblox stays 2-3 degrees cooler in hot weather - and warmer in cold.
- And it's got great environmental credentials, so you can be kind to your kids and your planet - with the T that stops UV.

Good for our skin and our planet... Sunblox is 100% biodegradable. Being naturally grown, its environmentally kind. Bamboo thrives without using pesticides or fertilisers and its 100% sustainable and biodegradable. (Unlike cotton, which accounts for 25% of ALL chemical fertilizers and pesticides from only 10% of the agricultural land mass.)

Sunblox is also 100% sustainable. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It can grow to its maximum height in about three months and reaches maturity in 3 - 4 years, sometimes rising several feet in 24 hours. Because of this, its known to improve soil quality in degraded and eroded areas of land. But its not over-farmed, only 10% of the vast bamboo forests are commercially used.

As a plant, its ability to absorb water accounts for its capacity for rapid growth, which is also retained in fabric form. One of the main reasons bamboo grows so successfully in the wild is that it has natural antibacterial properties, which kill and prevent the spread of bacteria. This property is also maintained in fabric form. A specialist Japanese performance laboratory washed bamboo fabric 100 times and yet there was no drop-off in antibacterial performance whatsoever.

And it's environmentally friendly. The yield from an acre of bamboo is 10 times greater than the yield from cotton. In an age where land use is under enormous pressure this is big news. Also, water requirement is much smaller than cotton. And the more bamboo growing means more photosynthesis and less greenhouse gas - the greatest threat to our fragile environment.

For Press photos or more information visit www.sunblox.co.uk or call Alan Simpson on 07778 592271 | alan.simpson@sunblox.co.uk