In 2007

   * SuncasTVs primary target market is the Chinese living in the U.S., with the huge varieties of Chinese contents in its Chinese Channel, viewer number is increasing every month.
   * SuncasTV set up a production office in Beijing, China and started producing its own TV programs for its Chinese Channel. We also focused on promoting Asian-American Communities and created its own filming crew to film community events of all kinds.
   * SuncasTV signed a contract with a Canada-based IPTV company, IPQUBE, and start marketing the Filipinos in Canada.

In 2008

   * SuncasTVs set-top-box receiver is out in the North America market.
   * SuncasTVs next big project is to target the Cambodian Market in the U.S., with its
     all-new Bayon TV in the Cambodian Channel.
   * SuncasTV is bringing in College Sports for its English Channel.

SuncasTVs ultimate goal is to provide IPTV service to every Asian American and be the gateway to their hometowns.

In 2009

   * SuncasTV signed a contract with the Nigerian Television Authority to broadcast NTA-International channel through our IPTV platform in North America.
   * In July, SuncasTV was selected by the The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, as the 2009 National Media Firm as well as the 2009 Regional Minority Media Firm of the Year.