Sundara Extensions is family-owned and operated. What began as a mother and daughter's dream has blossomed into a flourishing business. We pride ourselves in the ability of our family to work together towards the same goal, all the while, upholding not only Sundara's values, but also our family values. We are family-owned, and black-owned...two rarities in the world of hair extensions.

The secret to Sundara’s virgin Indian remy hair is in our sourcing and preparation. All virgin Indian remy hair is not the same. Sourcing only from select Indian temples and selecting only bundles from young adult women is just the beginning. The preparation required to create a finished bundle is extensive and time consuming. Every strand must meet our standards of strength, elasticity and moisture retention. Every bundle must be refined by hand to keep only the best of each bundle. The refined bundles are then triple washed by hand, and herbal conditioned using 100% organic products. And it doesn’t end there. Just before shipment each bundle is freshly washed and conditioned again to ensure longevity and superiority.

Hair this beautiful is quite a feat.