Web Design, SEO and Internet Strategy Services for Business.

Sundial Studios is a website design, website optimization, advertising, graphic design, technology integration and overall Internet Strategy Services company providing outsourced support to small and medium sized businesses.

Inspector Gadget, big-brain, computer geek, mad scientist, the smart guy over there and our favorite...Digital Alchemist. We've earned these "terms of endearment" because we understand and embrace new technology and are always testing the newest device, service or technique to see if it makes an improvement. What makes us unique is we have the rare ability to understand how to integrate these different technologies along with elements of marketing, branding, creative design and our years of experience to provide measurable results for our clients and your businesses.

We call ourselves "Digital Alchemists" because we live in a digital world and have the rare ability to transform common websites, logos and other marketing materials into something special that make a measurable difference in your business.

Our name came about because we believe in finding simple solutions for complicated problems that stand the test of time; the sundial is a historic piece of simple technology which perfectly symbolizes our philosophy (and we think it's cool and memorable).

Sundial was founded by John Robb in 1996 (originally named Sundial Technologies) and was based in Simsbury, CT. We provided "as-needed" computer and technology consulting and support services to small businesses who did not have their own computer departments and to local schools who needed additional support maintaining their networks and systems.

In an effort to support the changing needs of our clients, and with an extensive background in Sales and Marketing, our business evolved into more than just computer support services and expanded into developing forward-looking technology and marketing plans, graphic design, website creation, corporate identity development and advertising consulting.

In 2002 Sundial relocated to Florida and focused primarily in the real estate industry; developing cutting-edge interactive websites and training top Realtors on how to create "niche markets" for themselves and how to combine technology and marketing to become more productive and profitable agents. During this time we expanded to support a myriad of industries; from Limo and Taxi companies to Art Dealers to Flooring and Paint stores.

We are specialists in developing cutting-edge websites using Joomla and WordPress, profitable Internet marketing strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), setting-up Google AdWords campaigns that get real results and implementing easy to use Client Relationship Management (CRM) applications which can truly help any business.

We have always done what's necessary to give our clients more than they expect which has in turn generated countless referrals and countless ecstatic clients.