Innovative team building activities in Surrey, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Teamscapes: innovative team building solutions logoSundial Group’s Teamscapes are indoor and outdoor team building activities that challenge the brain, not the body. Available only at our dedicated conference venues in Surrey, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, they offer creative solutions to a wide range of team development needs.

Teamscapes activities and exercises simulate workplace issues in a non-threatening manner, allowing companies to see how their people will respond and interact in certain situations. They are based around the idea of experiential learning - learning by doing

A debriefing session evaluates the activities' successes and failures, and identifies learning outcomes that can be transferred back the workplace to improve performance beyond the teambuilding event. Successful completion, under the auspices of an accredited facilitator, of a programme comprising two outdoor activities with a post-event discussion also qualifies participants for a Level 2 Award in team building certified by EDI. 

Teamscapes can be self-facilitated or used by an expert consultant as part of a training/team building programme or event.

team building with TeamscapesTeamscapes help you to;
  • Identify leadership potential
  • Encourage appreciation of different abilities and personalities
  • Eliminate communication blockages
  • Stimulate an analytical approach to problem solving
  • Co-ordinate different, seemingly disparate tasks towards a common goal
  • Respond to changing circumstances and moving goalposts
  • Discover hidden characteristics and qualities within the members of your team.

Three ways to use Teamscapes:
  • To gain a nationally recognised award in team building
  • As part of your own training and development programme
  • As an icebreaker or a breakout session during an event