Sunkwa International Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides business education and economic opportunity to communities in need. Sunkwa International helps build the infra-structures of those communities to sustain businesses. Sunkwa also provides training opportunities and raises funds to empower economically disadvantaged communities by encouraging self sufficiency, fair trade initiatives and global trade. Our commitment is to ethical international business opportunity. We hope to provide open and flexible platforms for understanding and encourage responsible and profitable business. Sunkwa International  publishes an annual non profit Artist and Artisan Catalog that supports Fair Trade in developing communities globally and works with coops, entrepreneurs and educational organizations. Internationally Sunkwa is engaged in a multi tier process to achieve the following goals in developing nations;
1.     Consolidation of unbiased structure. = Eliminate policies which obstruct export by lowering the cost of trade related services this includes building telecommunications, improving product transport and policing customs administration to encourage new business trust.
2.     Notably Export Promotion. = Show and Prove reliable standards are in place and enhance global profile through multi modal media presence.
3.     Utilize Industrial Policies Which Promote Growth: Establish industry expert panels to improve international competitiveness and support most productive firms to exploit export opportunities.