Sun Pet, founded in 2000, is a pet wholesaler of live tropical fish, saltwater fish, reptiles, small animals, birds, and select drygoods. Strategically located within 5 miles of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Sun Pet is able to limit valuable inter-transit time for livestock.

Sun Pet offers pet retailers over 5,000 unique skus. One of Sun Pet's competitive advantages is to be able to deliver a large variety of livestock in one easy weekly shipment. This significantly cuts down on fuel, shipping fees, time, trips, handling, and overhead for store owners.

Sun Pet has a fleet of 26 temperature-controlled trucks to deliver livestock in the southeastern and east coast of the United States. For stores outside of the southeast and east coast, Sun Pet offers expedited shipping via airlines, ups and fedex.

The variety of livestock Sun Pet has to offer varies from industry staples like ball pythons, neon tetras, clownfish, feeders, iguanas, hamsters, gerbils and parakeets to more exotic species like motoro stingrays, hawaiian dragon eels, pie bald pythons, ferrets and exotic parrots.

Sun Pet supplies hundreds of independent and chain stores weekly with their product selection.

Sun Pet, Ltd. is wholesale only.

For more information contact:

Sun Pet, Ltd.
3765 Zip Industrial Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30354