Sunrich Technology is the leading manufacturer of innovative computer I/O connectivity products, that are distributed world-wide, for 23 years strong. We bring design engineering, tooling, assembly, packaging and logistics under one roof, for cost effective, one stop shopping. We are committed to your business success by providing you with quality OEM, ODM, CM service and ready-to-go (off-the-shelf) products.

Sunrich Technology has a portfolio of over 200 off the shelf products.

Which include:

1. Desktop/Server I/O (PCI/PCI Express) with SATA 150/300/600, USB2.0, USB3.0, Serial, Parallel, 1394A/B, etc.
2. Notebook I/O with SATA, USB2.0, USB3.0, hubs, Serial, Parallel, 1394A/B, adapters, dongles, etc.
3. Point Of Sale (Industrial hubs, Powered Serial with RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Powered USB), etc.
4. Multimedia (HDMI, USB-to-VGA/HDMI/DVI, Sound cards, Bluetooth)
5. Networking (10/100, 1G, 10G Network Interface Cards, 1G switches USB servers, Print Servers)
6. Storage (USB2.0 enclosures, USB3.0 enclosures, USB3.0-to-SATA adapters, SATA-to-IDE adapters)

Our team of experienced engineers are dedicated to delivering the most advanced products, staying ahead of the rapidly changing computer industry. We achieve this by placing quality, reliability and superb customer support at the top of our priority list.

Currently, under development or evaluation is:

•USB3.1 PCIe Host Controller
•USB3.1 to SATA
•USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet
•USB-C to Display Port/HMDI

We support our business customers, who are the pillars in the computer industry, with our quality products at competitive pricing.