Sunrise Carpet Specialists is a pundit carpet cleaning and repairing organization associated with this industry since 1984 and has bagged a phenomenal achievement in carpet installation and carpet repairing. We supply quality and attractive carpet as per your requirements such as commercial carpet or residential carpet, also we install carpets very efficiently with the most competitive prices along with honesty and integrity. While cleaning carpet we also look up to several things which are necessary to be considered such as restoration carpets from any unusual damages, fire, flood, mold and smoke which can cause permanent damages to your carpet so that you can't regain that again. That is why restoration is also incorporated in our services. Apart from that, we do stain removal of carpet, protection of carpet from water damage, fiber care and matting. Our primary focus to satisfy our clients by giving then an utmost solution to carpet cleaning and laying. Also, we provide vinyl flooring, a systematic man-made plastic which is used for stylish and decoration purposes both for commercial and residential purposes, also we give 20 years guarantee for domestic use. Besides all the above services we also offer upholstery cleaning and repairing with very efficiently along with highly experienced and committed personnel.