Dave has been a professional in the entertainment industry for over twenty years.  His early success in the San Francisco led him to Hollywood, where he soon became known for his creative talent working on High-End TV commercials.  Starting as a production assistant, Dave quickly worked his way up to Assistant Art Director.  With an interest in production sound, Dave began his career in sound mixing and started Location Recorders. He has won numerous awards including an Emmy Award for the Discovery Channel’s special “Bodie A Ghost Town” and a New York Film Festival Award for Porsche. He was also part of the Emmy Award wining team filming the MTV series “If You Really Knew Me”, and A & E’s “Intervention”.   With an underlying passion to direct, Dave’s opportunity came in 2008 as he produced the CBS TV series  “Redwood Adventures TV”,  winning First Place in the NYIIFVF Film Festival.  He is currently working on Reality TV shows for History, Discovery, Bravo, and Travel Channels.  To see Dave’s additional TV credits, search:  Dave Losko at imdb.com (International Movie Data Base).

Kari is and endurance runner with a great sense of completing a goal, like running the Western States 100 mile Endurance Race twice. Always ready for the next adventure, she has been learning the film business with Dave and getting very proficient with filming, lighting and location audio. To boot, she’s a very good cook, which comes in handy on the set.