Phoenix is known as a center for Mid Century Modern design, and one of LA’s hottest MCM wholesalers Ellen LeComte partnered with her sister Penny Warring who is a local here in Phoenix. They have set up shop in North Central Phoenix. Ellen’s, Amsterdam Modern has been a fixture on the LA MCM scene since she began importing European Furniture from Holland in 1996. She has graced the magazines such as Dwell and sells to Hollywoods finest as well as cool hip companies and restaurants nationwide.

Ellen and her sister Penny had a different vision for the Phoenician store, “We wanted to focus on outdoor living primarily” said Ellen, Phoenix is a lot like Palm Springs where the climate for 9 months of the year makes it perfect for outdoor living and we just love the colors and textures you can bring to the outdoors to inject some creativity to the common patio space”

Penny Warring, Ellen's sister shares the family sense of style, Sunset Modern is a haven of MCM chic, with a wonderfully eclectic collection of home wares and furniture. “Our family has lived here for 10 years and my father and brothers have been here since the early 80’s. Our fondest memories of Phoenix are the amazing 9 months of the year  sitting out by the fire sharing a glass of wine and dining under the stars” “We found the more effort we put into decorating our outdoor spaces, the more we used them and before you knew it we practically lived outside, cooking and making the most of our home.

Both Penny and Ellen have worked with local vendors to create some timeless modern staples, which will look great in any home. “Our custom benches are perfect for outdoor dining and our Martin Visser style sofas are fabulous.”” said Penny

The sisters have fun things planned for the MCM fans in Phoenix, as new items arrive and are being added to the inventory every few weeks, and all of the items are on display at www.sunsetmodern.com.

We look forward to sharing our passion for Mid Century design with others here in town said Penny, my only trouble is I love the stuff so much it’s hard to part with it”

For more information contact

Penny Warring
Sunset Modern
13236 N Cave Creek Rd