Sunshine STEM Academy is a micro school located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Sunshine STEM Academy offers educational services by creating high-quality, innovative opportunities to support whole child development so that students can succeed in reaching their dreams.

Sunshine STEM Academy provides student-centered, hands-on, rigorous extra-curricular enrichment activities such as workshops, courses, camps, and academic coaching  in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Reading, and Math subjects. Sunshine STEM Academy aims for improving students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, by encouraging high expectations!

By creating a challenging learning environment that encouraging high expectations for success, Sunshine STEM Academy believes that students will develop into responsible and caring citizens. With an emphasis on problem solving and creative thinking, the students of Sunshine STEM Academy will grow to be inspired learners through dynamic science, math, technology, engineering, reading, and art driven curriculum with our enrichment opportunities.