Sunshine Care Partners provides services to physicians, non-profits and agencies, long term care communities, Medicare Advantage programs, and hospitals for implementation of chronic care management and care transition services using our standard IntellPatient software platform.

Beginning in 2015 Medicare began reimbursing qualified healthcare providers for providing chronic care management and care transition services to those beneficiaries who suffered from 2 or more chronic illnesses.  68.9% of all Medicare beneficiaries suffer from 2 or more chronic illnesses, over 35 million people.

The Sunshine Care Partners IntellPatient software is HIPPA compliant, electronic medical record “clip-on” software service, cloud based, secure platform to help provide chronic care and transition services to patients.  “Healthcare providers have spent millions upon millions of dollars to upgrade to Electronic Medical Records platforms, so we cannot ask them to change systems or spend more money.  This software is used in conjunction with all existing platforms and is priced at a per patient billed model” said Rusty McMurray company President.

Sunshine Care Partners goal is to be the 21st Century Medical Specialty Practice providing chronic care management, care transition services, and wellness programs for all people.  Our specialty will be to reach out to patients on behalf of the primary care physicians.  The current medical model is for physicians to fix what is broken.  “If you are sick you go to the doctor.  Our model as a specialty practice partnering with primary care physicians is to provide the outreach and monitoring of patients, and report back to the physician, ancillary providers, and family” said Bryan Kientz RN, MBA, NP, company Clinical Director.

Sunshine Care provides you guidance through medical, case management, and community services as your advocate. You are partnered with a single individual, a Sunshine Care Partner™ to get to know you and your needs, and to serve as your guide and advocate for life.  Our goal is to enhance your quality of life, and to provide a comprehensive approach to the quality of care for you and your loved one as you live with chronic illness.​

Your Sunshine Care Partner™ is trained in geriatric issues and can help save you time, money, and lower your stress.  Sunshine Care services are unique tailored to you and your chronic illnesses.  Sunshine Care can be your light in a cloudy day because we take an active and ongoing role in accessing the needs of you and your family.​

Our unbiased case management style approach will help educate you about the process of choosing a residential or home health care provider, and share with you the information you need to make an educated decision.  It is important you and your loved one find the care you deserve in the place you call home.

Every family’s financial situation is different.  SunshineCare Partner™ take into account all aspects of lifestyle, financials, and type of care desired in making recommendations.  Your Sunshine Care Partner is your Sunshine on a cloudy day!