If you are looking for a free web mail service, you can be picky but you will be rewarded with plenty of storage, effective spam filtering, a fast interface, desktop email that you will enjoy for years to come. We have options available with our free email services and our paid email services. All members get the choice of 11 different languages to choose from, also our members can choose from multiple different skins to make their accounts unique to their personality. We spent nearly 2 years developing the site before the release on 06/21/2012 we have been working out all of the bugs with live testing with our current members just to make sure that the site is ready for every one in the world. It has been a wonderful year and we are proud to say that we have an email service that can compete with all of the major email services providers out there today. We are dedicated to giving our members more privacy than any of the other services out there, and we will continue to make sure that every member at superheromail.com has the privacy they deserve to have. SuperHeroMail also has many domains to choose from during the sign up process. And our number one feature is the member support we have live support for our members 12 hours a day and 24 hour a day email support, and our members never have to talk to a machine always a live person that has a degree computer science or certifications of the equivalent to a degree. So no matter who our members talk to they will always talk to a real tech and not just someone trained to read notes to them.