Dubuc SLC’s humble beginnings as a SuperCar manufacturer which created a frenzy with its unveiling of the Tomahawk Super Car alongside the mayor and prompted it’s fascinating evolution. Located in Quebec city, home to a rich supply of aluminum and renewable energy,  the government grants propelled the company to new horizons.

The soon to be Canadian Automaker merges the utmost in electrical and mechanical engineering to provide an unparalleled AWD electric vehicle wholly manufactured in its hometown. All components and electric drive train originate from Quebec, the commitment to using resources of the highest quality and an ultra-modern technology adapted for a luxurious interior cabin is unwavering.

Destined to stun the world, Dubuc SLC will supply corporations with fleets of electric utility vehicles and a niche market for the Super Car enthusiasts with its sports model. The ultimate goal is to commercialize the “taxi model” and furthermore encourage a clean and efficient means of transportation, promoting and being an important advocate of environmental  issues. Founding partners, Mario Dubuc and Mike Kakogiannakis are dedicated to the creation and production of electric vehicles, whose mission is to offer a long-lasting vehicle with an ecological conscience.