SuperSaver.com uses your location to find amazing offers from retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, gas stations, spas, etc., that are near you. The FREE app allows you to ask, “What deals are available around me right now?” SuperSaver.com then finds and presents to you coupons, promotions, ads, and announcements from a variety of merchants selling what you want when you want it.

Launch SuperSaver.com on your iPhone, iTouch, iPad, or online at SuperSaver.com and our powerful promotion engine instantly delivers to you business listings and the best deals around. Search through offers, go the merchant making the best offer (use our maps and driving directions), and show the cashier the offer or coupon when checking out. It’s THAT easy!

Whether you are looking for deals within 200 yards or 200 miles, we have you covered.  No more clipping and keeping up with bundles of paper coupons or print ads. Everything is on your iPhone, iTouch, iPad or online. Be a SuperSaver and EcoSaver!

Keep track of your favorite merchants and clip and save deals for later use—all from your mobile device or online at SuperSaver.com. You can even Facebook and Tweet your favorite merchants and deals to your friends and social networks.  

Our goal is to save you time, gas, money, and energy in your hunt for deals.
Now isn’t that SUPER!

Check out these SUPER features:

1) Shoppers Assistance: Instant category listings of merchants near you
2) Savings Assistance: Easy access to offers from merchants within listings
3) Favorites Assistance: Save your favorite merchants and recall them at a future date to check for new deals being offered
4) Clipping Assistance: Clip deals and recall them at a future date when you are visiting the merchant
5) Social Sharing Assistance: Post to Twitter and Facebook from your mobile device information about your favorite merchants or deals
6) Location Assistance: Access maps from your current location to merchants
7) Driving Assistance: Access driving directions from your current location to merchants
8) Easy to Use: Cashier scans barcodes, enters coupon codes, or simply show the offer directly from your mobile device, or print the offer from our website

At SuperSaver.com, we know merchants like no one else.   We know consumers like no one else.  And we know how to bring the two together for the optimal benefit of both.  For merchants, SuperSaver.com is an affordable, location-based mobile and online promotion engine that allows them to advertise ANYTHING easily and instantly by putting deals in front of the world of consumers who are near their business. Merchants create their own deals/promotions by location from the SuperSaver.com website.  These merchants classify their deals as Coupons, Promotions, or Announcements.  Merchants can also sponsor display ads within the applications and website. New merchants are being added daily.  

SuperSaver.com, LLC is a privately-owned firm based in Grafton, Wis., and was established in 2009. It is a subsidiary of TESCH Global LLC, an IT consulting firm. More information is available at www.teschconsulting.com.