Super Skin Lightener

One of the finest skin lightening creams in the world!

Hydroquinone and steroid free

Unlike most Skin Whitening products, Super Skin Lightener does not contain hydroquinone a synthetic skin whitening ingredient, nor harmful chemicals like mercury and steroids. Possible side effects of hydroquinone based skin lighteners include, permanent hyper pigmentation, white patches, uneven patchy skin colour and thinning of the skin. Safety concerns have led to products containing hydroquinone to be banned in many European countries. Now, it is possible to lighten the skin, safe in the knowledge that these negative symptoms will not be experienced.

Natural Ingredients

Super Skin Lightener is formulated using extracts of Arbutin, Liquorice, Scutellaria, and Mulberry, all of which have been clinically tested and documented to be amongst the most effective skin lightening ingredients available to safely lighten skin.

Together they work to slow down melanin production through tyrosinase inhibition, and are amongst the best facial and body lightening agents, which help prevent darkening of the complexion and encourages fair skin

Visible results can be visible in as little as two weeks, though every skin is individual and some take longer for results to show. This superb skin lightening complex acts as a total skin rejuvenator as well as an efficient treatment to fight skin pigmentation, and can be used on the complexion, neck, hands and body. Formulated for all skin types, women and men

How to use Super Skin Lightener

For optimal results, it is very important that Super skin lightener be used correctly. Two daily applications (morning and night) are recommended. Gently pat the skin dry after cleansing and apply evenly onto the complexion, avoiding the eye area, and rub gently until it is completely absorbed. If the skin is dry a moisturiser may then be applied.

Every morning, after applying Super Skin Lightener, it is essential that a sun block cream is used on the complexion, particularly if the user will be out in the daylight, even if it is cloudy and not sunny. A high SPF sun block is recommended, that completely blocks out the suns rays. This will enhance the lightening effect. Usual make- up may then be applied.


Once the desired skin lightening effect has been achieved, it can be maintained by regular use. Two to four times weekly is the recommended maintenance dosage for skin whitening. Used regularly Super Skin Lightener, reconditions and lightens the skin, encouraging a youthful-looking fairer complexion, with a luminous new radiant glow

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