SPLASH !!! Announcing SuperWaterMan - The World's New SuperHero For Water.  The only superhero completely created in the Hudson Valley

LOCALLY GROWN, SUSTAINABLY SOURCED ... SuperWaterMan is a Hudson Valley Creation

Like all Hudson Valley creations, SuperWaterMan - The World's New SuperHero For Water, has been locally grown and sustainably sourced.

He is the brainchild of Leslie Gabriel, a Hudson Valley water activist.

Mr Gabriel, teamed up with Kingston, NY based DC Comic, Marvel Comic Inker, Charles Barnett III.  Other collaborators include, Kingston, NY costume designer and seamstress Maria Cabrera and local screenplay writer Jacob Carpenter.

The SuperWaterMan origin story starts off - at our very own Lake Minnewaska - where SuperWaterMan finds his meets Mother Earth


The SuperHero genre is a powerful communication tool. ̣

The SuperHero genre lends a lot to the water crisis we face as a region, as a nation and as people of this planet. "The reality is that the value of water - is often overlooked and taken for granted. This attitude of indifference allows for the abuse, neglect and squandering of our most valued and essential elemental resource."

Current SuperHeroes do not fight for water. ̣

We need a new SuperHero that fights for water. Aquaman was a fish. Truth is he had scales and he never actually fought for water.

SuperHeroes wake people up to our better selves - and in this case - wake us up for the value of water > and SuperWaterMan - The World's New SuperHero For Water - does just that.

The SuperHero genre will break through the noise and complacency surrounding the water issue. If its PCBs, or melting icecaps, or PFOA and PFOS pollution in Newburgh, New Windsor and Hoosick Falls, or beach erosion, or fracking, or radioactive fallout, or water privatization, or water waste, or water bottling, or Flint Michigan, or water infrastructure, or fish kills and toxic algae blooms — we all know the H2O issue is daunting. That is why we need SuperWaterMan, to lend his Vortex Powers to the cause of H2O. ̣