The Supplement Rx program promotes an elite fitness line because the products are sold exclusively through gyms, clubs, and fitness centers. We offer a protected 45% margin on all wholesale orders; not a skimpy 5-10% margin you would make if you matched pricing offered by big box retailers, discounters, or internet companies.

Our products are pharmaceutical grade and market tested in FDA-registered labs. We offer time released, chelation formulas built into customizable “Nutrition Systems” to help clients meet their personal fitness goals. After all, 70-80% of reaching fitness goals is based on the correct nutrition and supplementation.

Easy, accurate product orders and efficient deliveries are ensured with our strategic partnership with Lone Star Distribution and Lone Star Fulfillment.

And you don’t have to go it alone. We offer comprehensive training and certification programs with the National Academy of Fitness and Sports Nutrition (NAFSN) and Huntington College.

We also offer online meal planning, personal trainer pages, corporate wellness programs, and a complete online supplement store to extend your reach far beyond the four walls of your gym.

Backed by 20 years of industry experience, Supplement Rx is one of the fastest growing nutritional companies with hundreds of accounts in the fitness and healthcare industry and we’re constantly seeking new innovations. With that, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Supplement Rx Smoothie Bar powered by City Blends. This Smoothie Bar offers low sugar protein smoothies made with the high quality Supplement Rx protein. What a great way to introduce members to the Supplement Rx line of products than with a great tasting (and healthy) smoothie!

Contact us today and let us know when we can meet via webinar to show you the full scope of our program!