Supreme Pharmatech is a modern nutraceutical factory, specialized in development and manufacturing of wide range of products from ingredients of natural origin. The company is operating 10,000 square meters facilities, which are partially powered by solar energy. The production process is automated at maximum level and complies with GMP regulations. All company products are certified by Thai FDA. The company also passed US FDA registration since beginning of 2021.

Supreme Pharmatech is one of the first companies in the world to develop and implement liposomal nanotechnology on production scale. Liposomes can manipulate the solubility of encapsulated active ingredients, as well as protect them from degradation, and even achieve delivery to specific site.

Oral liposome delivery system is capable to bypass the gastric system and deliver nutrients to the target cells and tissues in almost full digested amount.

Nowadays liposomes are considered as the most promising carriers for nutrients delivery to the cells because of their ability of long circulation residence time, as well as precise targeting.

Supreme Pharmatech is working in the fields of integrative medicine and clinical nutrition for both, humans and animals. The company is capable to produce liposomal raw materials in forms of dry powders or nanoemulsions, as well as final products in forms of tablets, capsules, sachets and oils.

Supreme Pharmatech is one of few certified factories in Thailand for processing hemp. The company had developed own technique for nano-processing of hemp oil with increased bioavailability.