“Supreme Products” is an ISO 9001: 2008 & 14001:2004 Certified company. We ventured into the consumer durables with a vision to be one of the leading brands to fit in every household. We work with a vision to make available nothing but the best range of Solar water Heater Systems , Electric kitchen chimneys , Hobs, Cook tops ,Electricity Geysers , water purifier , Solar Lighting Systems , Best quality of Teak  /  cane wood furniture and many other house hold  products.
Supreme Products is one of the best and top solar water heater manufacturing enterprises in India. Based out of Bangalore and established in the year 2004, Supreme Products has grown from a modest customer base to a trusted brand in the home appliances market across the country. Our products are Supreme solar water heater (Evacuated Tube Collector and flat plate collector), Supreme solar home lighting system, Supreme SMF battery based LED solar lantern, Supreme solar rooftop solutions, Supreme electric geyser, Supreme cooktops and hobs, Supreme Kitchen chimneys, Supreme RO water purifier, Supreme mixers, Supreme grinders and more.
We manufacture Evacuated tube & Flat Plate collector’s solar water heating systems. For ETC we use high quality stainless steel for the inner tank to use a non-welding technology suitable for hard water as well as soft water. Our Systems can be installed anywhere in the world. We use a unique assistant tank technology to enhance the life of the main tank and also does not require air vent due to the assistant tank designed particularly to withstand the high pressure. All our systems are fitted with assistant tank for gravity feeding and to minimize the mixing of hot and cold water.

. All our ETC systems are suitable for both hard water as well as soft water. We do not mention the PPM or TDS conditions in guarantee card. Now we are glad to announce same systems with 10 years “Replacement Guarantee” on the Inner tank manufacturing defects to add some extra very affordable cost.

   FPC (Flat plate collector) based solar water Heater Systems approve by BIS , we manufacturing both type pressurized and Non-Pressurized systems. We are using CRCA sheet with Prime guard coating for Inner tank. Collectors available with ISI mark in both copper and aluminium fins. All our storage tanks are PUF insulated and frames are powder coated.