Africa’s wealth of experienced human resources talent pools remains largely inaccessible to recruiters and employers. Our team of talent acquisition & management specialists have firsthand knowledge of the business risks associated with delays in recruitment. In a fast-changing local and global context, the need to find the right candidate for the right position at the right time becomes even more critical.

On the other hand, our experience on the ground shows that qualified candidates are struggling to connect with employers. These are candidates with proven experience managing complex programs/projects, multidiscipline technical specialists who have successfully contributed to development in the private and public sector within the continent and elsewhere. These talent pools are fluent speakers of several local languages and 1 or more UN languages ie. English/French/Portuguese. Africa’s beauty and diversity expressed in job seekers race, color, religion, gender, ethnicity, and tribe share a passion for progressing the development agenda in Africa through the use of their individual skills and abilities whilst earning a living for themselves and their families.  

Surge Africa’s mission is to showcase the richness of the African talent and provide need-based solutions to our clients: Employers & Job Seekers. Our aim is to demystify recruitment in Africa by reducing gaps that inhibit access to information and other resources. We at Surge Africa believe in fostering strong partnerships with local, regional and global thought leaders in developing user-friendly, affordable and need-based platforms that will assist organizations to hire with speed and efficiency.

We value professionalism and excellence in execution, the integrity of our processes, confidentiality and the development of strong & partnerships. We strive to be a learning organization, constantly keeping abreast of local and international trends that influence change and proactively keeps us ahead of our clients’ needs.