SurgeXLR is a new kind of accelerator that is breaking the Silicon Valley model to help our founders fast-track growth and success, building business from the ground up.

Our goal is simple: supporting founders to create viable businesses that attract investors and provide exit strategies.

SurgeXLR evaluates the strengths and needs of each business and fills in the gaps with knowledge, network connections and funding.  No matter the pain points, we have experts on staff to advise or step into roles accordingly.  No co-working space.  No vacation home.  No distractions.  Building strong and equitable businesses is not magic; it is a lot of hard work.

SurgeXLR was founded to help businesses scale quickly in an authentic fashion without giving away control and precious equity along the way.  With over 40 years of experience, founders Maryanne Morrow and Nathaniel John-Grose understand how to build foundational businesses, and the work and finesse it takes to make it happen.