Surmount Energy is a leader in Green Building Consultancy Services; Home, Community & Workplace Automation; CCTV, Security & Surveillance System and Property & Facility Management Software.

Surmount Energy offers Green Buildings Design, Automation and CCTV Surveillance. Through these solutions and services, Surmount Energy provides builders, architects, owners, tenants, facility managers and property managers the ability to create and operate green, safe, secure, comfortable, efficient and economical living and work spaces. Our goal is to not only create green homes, green buildings and green township but ensure that they operate that way throughout their lifetime.

Green Building Consultancy Services

Surmount Energy is a leading provider of Green Building Services in India and U.S. Surmount Energy supports clients in their intent to construct green buildings that adhere to various green ratings certification requirements.

Home, Community & Workplace Automation

Surmount Energy provides a range of solutions in Automation that ensure safety, security and convenience. Fire, smoke, intrusion and emergency need detection provide safety and enable community personnel to swiftly address such needs as they arise. Lighting, fan and other switch automation provides convenience and energy saving and much more.

CCTV, Security & Surveillance System

Surmount Energy offers a wide range of CCTV, security and surveillance systems that ensure safety and security within a home, residential society, township or workplace. surveillance cameras, DVR's and other sensors improve security and transparency during building construction or during the operations phase of buildings.

Property & Facility Management Software

Surmount Energy is a provider of property management software that supports the needs of developers, facility managers and housing societies to manage the property throughout its lifecycle for its ongoing operation and maintenance needs