Creating clarity and mutual understanding, Listening Arts works with individuals and groups to move their projects forward--on task and on track.

In the custom building and design industry, where attention to detail is critical, managing the ongoing exchange of communications reliably is equally critical. Listening Arts' does just that. Weekly documented meetings and reporting keeps everyone on the same page while creating a historical record.  These services together with staff training in communication skill building advance reputations for excellence and build lasting client relationships.

Listening Arts also provides completion coaching for those wanting to make their ideas & projects real in the world. Many of us undermine ourselves before we even start. We often tell ourselves that our ideas are just too big or the project to overwhelming, only to feel defeated and deflated AGAIN!  Listening Arts, through a schedule of facilitated conversations and an accountability structure helps you go the distance to make the difference you want to make in your world and the world at large.