“It’s the little moments that, if we’re paying attention, can create the biggest impact on our lives.”
One day, when Susan’s granddaughter was about two years old, she came into the kitchen wearing Susan’s oversized high heels, proclaiming, “I’m Grandma!”
It was one of those profound moments, as Susan watched her granddaughter proudly stomp around the kitchen in her shoes, that made her stop and consider the question: “Are you happy with the legacy you are leaving your kids and grandkids?” The answer was a resounding…No!
Susan started to look at areas of her life that fell short, and she wasn’t happy with the legacy she had created up to that point. So she began to work on herself—transformational work. She declared that the legacy she was going to leave would create such a positive ripple effect that it would carry through to many future generations to come!
The image of Susan’s granddaughter in her oversized high heels never left her, and it made her wonder what else her granddaughter was seeing while wearing her shoes?
Along with Susan’s journey to give her children and grandchildren a powerful legacy, the moment inspired her to write a picture book about a child’s adventure into the lives of his family by wearing their shoes.
Since the publication of Special Shoes for My Little Feet, Susan continues to write for children. She lives with her family and two cats, Leo and Arlo, in Northern California.