Normally a variety of option exist for everyone who have some creative

genes when it comes to choose a music composing software. But a few

things make this software completely different from others and that is the

video training series. These trainings are presented by hollywood’s most

establish and renowned music programmers like Norbz, Dallas, Jazze etc.

In the modern music creation senerio a lot of techniques have to be

developed because of the ever growing  complexity. The main secret of these

training programme  is that 99% of what is learnt from here will also apply

in other studio tools that is ever use in music composition. The lessons will

let you build up a strong basic that will help for the rest of the life in

different phase.Creating original Music is exciting and challenging. But this

software helps you in every step you make.

Dallas Austin is a Grammy winning music producer and songwriter for

artists like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, William, TLC, Madonna, Pink, After

7, Aretha Franklin, The Best New Havies and many more who is giving the

same professional software and sound he used in his greatest hits.This

genious musician who was born in December 29,1972 in Colombus has

created an AMAZING music production software, that is – BTVSolo.

This is one of the best music composing software specially designed  for all

genre of music producers, whether a beginner who aspire and don’t know

where to start off or for those who already are creating waves with musical

skills and abilities. It makes the whole process so easy and simple that

composing music of any kind is just a click away. No matter what operating

system you use-mac or windows,it has its own installation version. With the

help of BTVSolo any PC or laptop can be turned into a professional power-

packed studio.

The software is  a complete package for music composition. Easy to install

and operate, very user friendly. Composing tracks with BTVSolo is fun and

doesn’t require professional training or expensive software and hardware.

You can arrange full songs without the use of keyboards, drums or virtual

instruments. The best part is the whole sequenced song can be Mixed with

the help of  BTVSolo with professional studio quality.

This software is a piece of jam. It comes with over one thousand preset

sounds and hundreds of professional sound banks from the likes of

Grammy winner Dallas Austin. No extra keyboard, sound card or other

hardwares required to use these sounds to compose music with it.

Everything is inbuilt with polished touch and the quality of sound it

produces is mind-blowing.

BTVSolo provides a series of training videos for the beginners which

includes step by step training covering subjects like ‘how to compose music’,

‘create your own music sheet’ etc  which helps in improving as a music

programmer. Dallas Austin created this amazing musical tool for anyone

who have a desire to be in the music industry.

This music maker software has 16 channels and as mentioned above

thousands of professionally designed inbuilt sounds come along with it.It all

depends on the person how he wants to use it. A beginner should go

through the video training first and learn the step by step training before go

on creating music and for a professional music producer it is an easiest tool

he will ever experience.

BTVSolo is compatible with midi controllers and also can be used as VST

instrument and its compatible with any professional studio softwares like

Nuendo, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.

Softwares are created to make thing easy and it only depends on the person

how he handles it.