Writers Readers Direct is a website where writers discover new readers and readers discover new writers.
Our aim is to provide a marketplace for the work of good writers who have not yet been published by traditional print publishers.  
We charge writers a non-refundable submission fee of £5.  If the work is of sufficient merit, it is uploaded onto the site.  Readers can download the work for £1 - £3 per download.  They can rate and review the ebooks to help maintain standards.  
Fiction in all categories is considered: literary, romance, fantasy and thrillers in particular. Nonfiction includes memoirs, true life stories, psychology and self-help.  
The owner and CEO is Susan Barrett, whose novels were published in the 1970s and 80s.  She has also co-authored travel and children's books with her artist husband, Peter Barrett.  She has established the business to help writers reach the readers who will appreciate their work.