SussexIM is your complete molding and assembly solution. We are an established and growing force in custom injection molding. We manufacture, assemble and deliver superior products from precision injection molding with tight tolerances to multi-shot and insert molding, and complex workcell assembly to finished end-products.

We tackle every project with a collaborative approach using critical, creative thinking across our entire company. We understand that tough market challenges push you to seek greater efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve market share. Together we address the key challenges you face, then design and deliver a premium product for you to bring to consumers.

At SussexIM we're proud to deliver our customers exceptional and money-saving alternatives to overseas manufacturing. With lean, innovative design-to-distribution processes we now help more companies than ever deliver quality, cost-effective injection molding products manufactured in the USA.

We are proven, long-standing leader in custom injection molding, with a history of more than three decades. In 1977 Sussex Plastics, Inc. was formed in Sussex, Wisconsin by a ambitious immigrant from Hungary, Lorand Spyers-Duran. His small but industrious group of employees grew to be the modern, integrated manufacturer that is now SussexIM.

As an industry leader, we keep moving forward with cutting-edge technologies and lean manufacturing practices. Our state-of-the-art Innovation Center is the hub of SussexIM, where dedicated employees converge to create the quality products our loyal customers expect.

Quality takes teamwork. Each and every SussexIM employee owns the responsibility of delivering our absolute best. Lean manufacturing principles are at the heart of all our processes, and the seamless interactions between our skilled workforce and precise automations are crucial elements of our top quality production. From the raw materials to final delivery, we’ve proven our performance as an industry leader.

Precision, speed, tight specifications—it all begins with design. Our engineering, tooling, automation and robotics teams provide a combined 195 years of designing, building and integrating custom solutions. Using insights gained from experience and new technologies, our top-level mechanical, plastic, automation and product engineers go beyond limitations. Automation is built in-house, and we tailor what we do to fit your needs.

Our manufacturing and assembly process is synchronized to meet customer demand. Every cost is considered, from procuring materials and fabricating molds to live automation and product packaging. Product launches are refined by use of DFSS, DFM, FMEA, and defined control plans. Production time improves, labor costs are optimized, and quality sharpens by our lean manufacturing methods. Assembly and finish pack are all performed in Takt time.