Sustainable Marine Energy is an innovative tidal energy technology company developing PLAT-O - a unique next generation subsea platform designed to enable tidal energy to become a cost effective source of renewable green electricity.

PLAT-O achieves this by:
* Having the flexibility to carry a wide range of turbine generators
* Being able to be deployed and maintained without the use of heavy equipment
* Using a taut mooring system which ensures:
- It is always in the ideal water column of tidal flow to maximise its electrical output
- It stays below potentially damaging stormy waves
- It can be used where seabeds are uneven and of varied type
* Being fully scalable - from community supply in 100s of Kilowatts to utility supply in Megawatts

All of these attributes drive down both the costs and the risks associated with marine energy energy to make tidal energy a feasible and realistic source of green power.

Sustainable Marine Energy is based in the Isle of Wight and will be conducting sea trials of PLAT-O now that it has carried out successful tank tests and purchased STG 50 turbines from German propulsion specialists SCHOTTEL GmbH.

The company is led by Jason Hayman as Managing Director.
For media information please contact: Christopher Barrass
E: christopher.barrass@sustainablemarine.com
T: +44 (0)1483 211202

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